The 2018 Licensing Examination will be held June 22nd, 23rd and 24th


1. There is NO requirement to become a provisional member prior to the exam.

2. Upon learning the results of the exam and before working an exam candidate must apply for their practice permit through regulated member registration (successful exam) OR

3. Provisional regulated member with a supervisory agreement (unsuccessful exam)

4. The costs for a provincial student (which means NAIT graduates) is $4500.00 plus GST

                         OSCE   -   $4000.00 plus $200.00 GST   =    $ 4,200.00

                          MCQ:  -    $500.00 plus $  25.00 GST   =      $    525.00


                                                                         BOTH:             $ 4,725.00

5. Exam Registration Date:  To Be Determined

Payment in full MUST be received by To Be Determined or the candidate will waive their rights to participate.