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 Welcome to the College of Alberta Denturists website.

We are the Regulatory Body for the Denturist Profession in Alberta.

 This website is intended for use by both the public and the members of the College.
Our website provides information regarding the profession of Denturists, the services provided by denturists, regulatory matters for the profession in Alberta, membership information, notices, general information items and links to related sites and informative sites.
If you require additional information not found on this website, please click on the "contact" link at the top of this page, for information on how to reach us.
 Website Last Updated: August 8, 2013

Latest Information:
1- Alberta Flood 2013 - for those healthcare practitioners affected by the flood at their practice sites, please see the attached document providing guidelines regarding damaged patient records - PDF
2- For vicitms of the Alberta Flood 2013, please visit Alberta Health Services website regarding flood matter updates and other information regarding returning to your properties - LINK
3- Our June newsletter has been posted to the Publications page.
4- A Notice regarding a Former Regulated Member, Ms. Deborah Kowalski, has been posted to the Complaint Resolution - "NOTICES" page of the website.
5- Check out our Events Calendar for recent updates.

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